Author name: Petra O'Rourke

Kuvassa iso silmä, kuvituskuva.

We Research: A sensory accessibility app

The DigiNepsy project of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences has been working on a web application that helps to map a sensory accessibility of spaces. The idea is that the sensory load of spaces is measured together with a sensory sensitive person. The easy-to-use application will guide its users to pay attention to the main sources of sensory load and, based on the answers, will summarise the most significant sources of sensory load of the space.

Welding with a blue light.

We Research: Efficiency of machine shops

SAMK has been studying robotics, automation and the productivity improvements they bring from different angles for decades. ‘Tehokas konepaja’ (Efficient Machine Shop) project investigates the efficiency of machine shops in four different functions. These are digitalization, welding robotics, 3D machine vision and energy efficiency.