RoboAI combines technological research, development and education

RoboAI is a new, global innovation platform for research and development as well as education and competence. The centre of RoboAI is the joint use laboratory of SAMK Campus Pori. The research and development centre of RoboAI provides companies product development services connected to automation, robotics and artificial intelligence(AI) and start-up services to students and new entrepreneurs. RoboAI was established in connection with the Robocoast R&D Center project funded by the Regional Council of Satakunta.

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What is RoboAI?

Automation, robotics and artificial intelligence – the strengths of Satakunta

The objectives of RoboAI activities include e.g.:

  • to support the growth of technology industry and enterprises in the region, increase competitiveness and create a solid basis for industrial digitalization
  • to offer a global joint use research infrastructure and high quality research and international product development for the companies to use
  • to build and consolidate intellectual competence connected to robotics and artificial intelligence in Satakunta as well as to ensure competent workforce for the enterprises in the region
  • to support the foundation of start-up companies in the fields of automation, robotics and AI

RoboAI employs more than 20 experts in automation, robotics and AI. Robotics Academy and Artificial Intelligence Academy are RoboAI expert incubators, where students get to learn, innovate and experiment with new ideas in a practical manner in company projects. The academy students are a part of RoboAI product development resource and when graduating they will be a significant addition to the availability of labour for companies. In addition, the RoboAI entity includes continuous education and retraining and upgrading of degrees offered by SAMK in the fields of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence. RoboAI also collects together actors to promote children´s and adolescents´ technological competence and to arouse their interest to enter the field of technology (STEM Centre).


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