About us

RoboAI Research and Development Center is located at the Pori campus of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. RoboAI focuses on regionally important strategic strengths. 

RoboAI Research and Development Center was established in 2019 as part of the Robocoast R&D Center project funded by the Regional Council of Satakunta. The activities, which have expanded over the years, are grouped under the Industry, Health, Green and Intelligent Systems subsets.

The joint center of SAMK and Tampere University brings together the strategically important competences of Satakunta:

  • Automation and robotics, RoboAI Industry
  • Welfare technology and health technology, RoboAI Health
  • Circular economy of technological metals, RoboAI Green
  • Intelligent systems, artificial intelligence, data analytics and optimisation, RoboAI Intelligent Systems

Our activities aim to:  

  • Support the growth of industry and businesses in the region, increase competitiveness and create a strong basis for the digitalisation of industry and public services.
  • Provide high quality research and development and piloting opportunities. 
  • Promote a culture of experimentation in joint laboratory and simulation facilities. 
  • Support continuous learning through further training. 

The RoboAI community consists of more than 60 experts from different research entities in three different organisations. The RoboAI Academy and the AI Academy are RoboAI's incubators of excellence, where students can learn, innovate and experiment with new ideas in a hands-on way through enterprise projects. With STEM activities RoboAI brings together operators to develop the technical knowledge of children and young people, and to increase their interest in applying to the technology sector.

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and University Consortium of Pori are part of the Robocoast EDIH consortium (robocoast.eu). The strengths of the Satakunta universities in the consortium are seen as robotics and data analytics expertise and the RoboAI research and development center, whose resources are passed on by the Robocoast EDIH consortium to both Finnish and European industrial companies. The Robocoast EDIH consortium includes 15 Finnish universities and two industrial companies from nine different regions. The Robocoast EDIH consortium is coordinated by Prizztech Oy. 

Kuvassa RoboAI-laboratorio.

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