The R&D Centre of RoboAI serves the companies and communities by offering various technological product development services. At RoboAI companies have an opportunity to pilot, prototype and test new automation, robotics and artificial intelligence opportunities as well utilize new information produced by the higher education establishment research groups. The customer is offered a suitable service package, depending on the complexity, extent and financing requirements of the project.


Expert services

RoboAI provides automation, robotics and AI-related development services for companies, communities and other external operators. Customer projects are customized on a demand-driven basis, projects are carried out and finished fast and honourably.

The research teams of RoboAI work as an outsourced product development department with special expertise in:

  • Machine vision systems
  • 3D simulations
  • Serious applications of games
  • Artificial intelligence applications
  • Robotics

Company projects supported by funding

RDI activities of RoboAI support the operating conditions of companies and communities in Satakunta region and their competence is thus increased.

The RDI activities of RoboAI are implemented by projects that are conducted in cooperation with enterprises, municipalities, research institutes and other organizations. Projects are realized by external financing, with financiers such as EU structural funds, other EU and national research programs, foundations and depending on the project also customer enterprises.

Research projects can include temporally short projects designed to meet the development needs of one company or organization, international network projects lasting for years or everything in between. A successful project benefits all of its participants, and the results will continue living after the project has ended as e.g. different products, new modes of operation or services.

Petteri Pulkkinen.

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