RoboAI Health

RoboAI Health uses a wide range of technologies, taking into account the specificities of the social and health sector. 

RoboAI Health is a multidisciplinary dialogue aimed at exploring and developing technological solutions for the wellbeing and health of individuals and communities. 

In wellbeing analytics, the aim is to use the data collected in systems to rationalise and improve healthcare from the client's perspective. In wellbeing technologies, the focus is on developing solutions to improve the daily lives of people with disabilities. People, a holistic understanding of wellbeing and co-creation are at the heart of everything we do. Stakeholder involvement is at the heart of our experts' work, with an emphasis on making things happen 

  • Developing user-centred technology solutions (automation and robotics, mobile and gaming technology, 3D design and printing, artificial intelligence, data analytics).
  • Service design and technology deployment.
  • Promoting the secondary use of health data and exploiting the data pool.
  • Impact monitoring (health & wellbeing, quality of life, costs) and user and usability research.
  • Cross-sectoral knowledge and information transfer  

RoboAI Health provides cross-disciplinary testbed services and versatile testing environments to support companies' product development. SAMK coordinates the Satakunta Testbed network in Satakunta region, which promotes innovation and enables the development of better products and services by providing testing and research services in wellbeing and health technologies to companies and healthcare operators. 

The picture shows a woman and a man using an exoskeleton walking robot.
Close-up of Tiina Mäkitalo.

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RoboAI Health Research Manager
Tiina Mäkitalo
tel. 044 710 3094

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