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The research and development centre of RoboAI offers companies product development services connected to automation, robotics and AI as well as start-up services for students and new entrepreneurs.

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RoboAI R&D Centre

The goals of the centre include e.g.:

  • to support the growth of technology industry and enterprises, increase competitiveness and create a solid basis for industrial digitalization.
  • to offer a global joint use research infrastructure and high quality research and international product development for the companies to use.
  • to build and consolidate intellectual competence connected to robotics and AI in Satakunta as well as to ensure competent workforce for the enterprises in the region.
  • to support the foundation of start-up companies in the fields of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence.

RoboAI entity is financed by e.g. the following projects:

  • SAMK and Tampere University joint Robocoast project, the goals of which are based on the so-called bridge agreement where resources are aimed at strengthening the positive structural change in Southwestern Finland.
  • Future Hospital as Innovation Platform project, which enables applying and testing technological innovations in a clinical environment.
  • More startups and growth through digitalization and artificial intelligence project
  • Artificial Intelligence to a Success Factor in Satakunta region, which aims at implementing technology-related learning experiments for children and adolescents.
  • New Innovations by 3D printing experiments project
  • 5VTA Five Effective Technology Steps in Food Industry SMEs project
  • BaltSe@nior project
  • Customized coder education
  • Retraining and upgrading of degrees to Automation and Mechanical Engineers




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