Research and development

RoboAI Research and Development Center serves businesses and communities by providing a range of technology-related services. 

RoboAI gives companies the opportunity to pilot, prototype and test new business ideas and to benefit from new knowledge generated by university research teams. Depending on the complexity, scale and financial needs of the project, the customer will be offered an appropriate package of services

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RoboAI's RDI activities support the business capabilities and skills development of the companies and communities in the Satakunta region. RoboAI's RDI activities are implemented through projects carried out in cooperation with businesses, municipalities, research institutes and other organisations. The projects are externally funded by the EU Structural Funds, other EU and national research programmes, foundations and, depending on the project, by the client companies. 

Research projects can be short in duration, tailored to the development needs of a single company or organisation, multi-annual international network projects, or anything in between. A successful project benefits all the actors involved, and the results will live on after the end of the project itself, for example in the form of different products, new ways of working or services.

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