RoboAI Industry

RoboAI Industry consists of RoboAI's core automation and robotics activities.

Activities focuses on a broad range of technology research in automation and robotics, applied research, business cooperation, technology transfer and integration of research and education. 

RoboAI's experts research and develop new automation applications to achieve cost-efficiency in production and operations, optimisation of energy and material use, and improved efficiency in logistics. Our work focuses on the technologies that drive and enable digitalisation, the most important being:

  • Intelligent robotics from traditional industrial robots to collaborative robots, mobile and service robots, and offline robot programming and simulation. 
  • Machine vision from traditional machine vision solutions, to smart camera applications, 3D imaging and special imaging technologies for wavelengths invisible to humans.
  • 3D simulation of production from factory layout planning to optimisation of production system operation, material flows and in-house logistics solutions.
  • 3D modelling and 3D printing with modern production and product development to enable versatile customised manufacturing. 
  • Sensing technologies as enablers for smarter automation and robotic systems. 
  • Embedded systems for the implementation of versatile automation systems.

Research in automation and robotics consists of externally funded large research projects, applied research projects in collaboration with industry, mentoring of students and projects at the RoboAI Academy, and providing continuous learning opportunities for professionals in companies and public organisations. Work methods in automation and robotics are based in particular on participatory research, experiments, demonstrations and pilots of new technologies, and international technology transfer. Integrating technology skills into the training of new engineers and thereby identifying new talents to grow as new RoboAI experts, as well as for different jobs in the region's companies, are some of main aspects of operation. 

In the picture two men are using the TM robot.
Close-up of Pekka Suominen.

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