International AI studies

International AI training is producing the AI professionals of the future. The training builds on strong programming skills, on top of which AI skills are built. 

AI degree students study techniques and tools in data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics and language processing, programming and general computing subjects. The computer science subjects are tailor-made courses and aim to strongly integrate AI into the curriculum. The curriculum is built to meet the needs of businesses in the field of AI and data analytics. 

The projects included in the degree aim to be carried out in collaboration with companies in the region. The project can be either fully or partially related to SAMK's research projects in areas such as AI and robotics. The aim is to create a multifaceted cooperation in which the needs and competences of students, researchers and partner companies meet. 

The multifaceted cooperation with companies is an opportunity to get in touch with the talents of the future. It enables low-threshold projects in robotics, data analytics and artificial intelligence without long-term and expensive commitments. Corporate collaboration with AI students is a valuable exploration of the potential applications of data analytics, robotics and AI, regardless of the industry

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