STEM activities

We support and encourage teachers in the use of technology in education and inspire children and young people to pursue and learn mathematics, science and technology. Increasing collaboration between schools and strengthening learning and doing things together between school and society is important. 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities give all children, young people and teachers in Satakunta the opportunity to get excited and strengthen their knowledge of science and technology. Diverse and inspiring curricula are a step towards more motivated learning.

Through hands-on activities and engaging learning experiences, the activities guide children and young people into STEM topics, enhancing their creativity, problem-solving skills and life management. We support pupils, students and teachers at every level of education, from early childhood to secondary school.

Concretely involved in education

SAMK's STEM activities contribute by designing and creating a wide range of science and technology training and teaching materials to help teachers. These enable teachers to participate in low-threshold technology education. Teachers can familiarise themselves with the materials at their own pace or with the help of the Centre's experts.  

We offer opportunities to explore different teaching robots and technologies throughout the education cycle. Groups and classes can borrow the robots and different technologies that best support their learning needs, from early childhood to secondary school. Through testing and experiencing these technologies by themselves, children and young people can get excited about science and technology. 

There are kids around a LEGO robot game table.
Close-up of Janika Tommiska.

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Lecturer and Researcher
Janika Tommiska
tel. 044 710 6332

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