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1.12.2023Pekka Abrahamsson, Tampere UniversityWe Research

Industry must always be at the forefront of innovation and now the focus has turned to generative AI models such as GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). The Pori University Consortium focuses on the use of these models in industry.

The AI-generated image shows the GPT laboratory at the University of Tampere's Pori campus in a vibrant, green theme.
The illustration shows the GPT laboratory on the Pori campus of the Tampere University in a vibrant, green theme. It presents a positive and productive environment where happy professionals work together in a space full of greenery, symbolising sustainability and environmental friendliness. (Photo: Dall-e 3)

GPT lab: an innovative testbed for companies

A GPT laboratory is under construction on the Pori campus of the University of Tampere, which will serve as a dynamic platform for testing generative AI models for companies. This lab is designed to be a "sandbox", a safe space where companies can experiment and develop AI applications without any business risks. The lab will allow companies to explore practical applications of generative AI models and their integration into their own business processes.

The idea behind the lab is to provide a wide range of resources and expertise, enabling companies to dive deep into the world of AI models. Companies can use the data analysis tools, algorithms and AI model training environments provided by the lab to tailor models to their specific needs.

Of particular value is that companies can train AI models using their own data. This allows the models to be fine-tuned to the specific needs and environment of the company. This personalised approach to AI leads to precisely targeted, effective solutions that can significantly improve both product quality and process efficiency.

Challenges, results and directions for further research

Challenges include concerns on data quality, ethical considerations, and validation of results. Research will focus on supporting sustainable development, industrial digitalisation and process optimisation. We specialise in creating AI agents and in the lab we have teams of multiple AIs working autonomously on entire software projects. To see an example, visit https://tinyurl.com/agent-gpt-demo. The example shows how eight AI agents working together, resulting in a requirement specification, software design and quality-assured code. This has important implications for the future of software professionals. The example shows that AI agents are capable of challenging cognitive tasks. It is clear that tomorrow's product design teams will be populated by AI agents.

Our research highlights the potential of generative models in industry. Now is a great opportunity for the industry to invest in and exploit these technologies. The focus for the future will be on visioning, solving challenges and promoting greener ways of doing things. Welcome on board, now is the time to experiment!


More information:

Prof. Pekka Abrahamsson, Tampere University, Pori University Centre
tel. +358 40 541 5929


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