NEXT2019 Robotics and Welding Seminar – More productivity, flexibility of production and competitiveness to Satakunta


NEXT2019 seminar that will be organized at SAMK Pori Campus on 4 October brings together representatives from companies in Western Finland and research, education and development organizations on a cross-sector scale.  The program of the seminar is built around robotics and welding and it offers a concise information pack for the participants.

Kuvassa vuoden 2018 NEXT-seminaarin yleisöä.

Robotics has lived through a period of change in recent years when collaborative robots have burst onto the market. More than every third robot sold is a collaborative robot. This signifies that the production philosophies of the companies are also changing.  NEXT2019, which is free of charge, offers the companies a concise information pack that shows with concrete examples how companies could develop their productivity, the flexibility of production and competitiveness.

– Due to increasing global competition, lack of professional workforce and uncertainty caused by trade wars, the industry in Satakunta must consider all the available opportunities to enhance the efficiency of production. Thus, I would recommend participating in events such as NEXT2019 seminar where increasing production with new technological solutions is dealt with, reminds Timo Kerminen, project manager of the event.


Metal industry in a significant role

Welding seminar is organized simultaneously with the robotics seminar. The seminar is implemented in cooperation with the Welding Society of Finland (WSF) that is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Satakunta is one the most industrialized regions in Finland and metal industry in particular has a central role in the economic structure of our region. The metal industry has been a significant factor in the development and future success of the robotics cluster in Satakunta.

– In my opinion, maintaining the competence of metal industry in Satakunta and further boosting its competitiveness is highly important, Kerminen continues.


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Timo Kerminen, tel. 044 710 3311, email:


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