We Research: Augmented reality creates new user experiences

6.4.2022Petteri PulkkinenWe Research

In virtual reality (VR), the user operates in a completely artificial environment. In Augmented Reality (AR), digital models are visualized in the user's real environment using smartphones, tablets, or AR glasses. Augmented Reality provides the user with a new interface to explore complex issues. It can be used to tailor the presentation and visualization of information so that it is available at the right place and at the right time.

Mies käyttää AR-laseja.

Pojalla on päässään VR-lasit.

In the technology sector, different tasks such as design, installation, inspection, and maintenance are often going on simultaneously. Augmented reality can be used to present plans, simulation results, instructions, warnings, and measurement data related to each work stage.

In tourism, augmented reality can be used to create content that gives tourists a whole new way to explore destinations, for example, by using digital effects to bring history to life.

SAMK is experimenting and developing augmented reality applications for the needs of industry, commerce, and services. Research is carried out on the equipment of the RoboAI laboratory in collaboration with companies. Companies have the opportunity to experiment with new technologies and find ways to use them in their own business. The suitability of AR technology has been tested in a gym, for example. A digital personal trainer can help you work up a sweat.


Did you know?

  • Pokemon GO uses augmented reality

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