We research: Cross-sectional study of the health status of people aged 75 in the region of Satakunta

10.2.2022Jussi Bergman and Anu HolmWe Research

In Satakunta, the perceived health status of people aged 75 and over is worse than in the country as a whole and the morbidity rate is slightly higher than the national average. In addition, they have unequal access to care and nursing services in different parts of the province and the service structure is institution-oriented.

Doctor is holding a stethoscope.

The study provides a cross-section of the health status of 75-year-old people. The study also aims at using health examinations to identify possible latent diseases in people turning 75 who are living at home or in home care, and at investigating the balance of the underlying diseases that have already been diagnosed. In addition, the study will investigate the potential risks related to multidrug therapy and trends in health changes associated with aging.

The data sources for the study were the database of the primary care patient information system, the database of the results of manually recorded research forms, and, for blood tests taken in the commercial enterprise laboratories of the specialized medical care, the data pool maintained by Auria Clinical Informatics. The research plan has been evaluated by the ethics committee and written informed consent has been obtained from the participants in the research.

The study will identify methods for detecting the health risks of older people in time for further research and treatment. This will have an effect on improving the quality of life at the individual level and on reducing the burden on health care at the population level. At the same time, a collaborative model for combining clinical practice, scientific research, development and innovation activities, as well as teaching, will be created.


Did you know?A nurse is measuring blood pressure from a patient.

  • The patient entries that the nurses and doctors record provide health data for research use.
  • The health data stored in the data pool can be utilized for research and innovation activities in accordance with the Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data (free translation, 552/2019, English translation not available) which entered into force in May 2019.
  • For those aged 75 who participated in a health check-up and gave their consent for the study:
    • 40% lack an up-to-date medication list.
    • more than half report an adverse drug reaction common among older people.
    • use an average of 6 regular medicines.
    • approx. a third are not aware of the duration of their medication.

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