Tunnista RoboAI-ammattilainen

Kuinka hyvin tunnet sä RoboAI-ammattilaisen? Kuinka mahtava onkaan hän?
Tunnista RoboAI-ammattilainen esittelee rautaisia tiimiläisiä. Kampanjan tarkoituksena on esitellä tiimin toimintaa, luoda yhteisöllisyyttä ja antaa työkavereille ja yhteistyökumppaneille mahdollisuus kehua toisiaan.

Ryann Deloso

A headstrong and humble healthcare professional

I never knew that I could do this kind of work as a nurse! It’s rewarding and I’m so thankful for Sari Merilampi for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the RoboAI team! SAMK’s empathic project researcher Ryann Deloso has come a long journey from the slum and has a bright future ahead.

Hardworking Ryann is from the Philippines, from the country’s South Island and third biggest city Davao with almost 1,7 million people. Ryann is the youngest of three brothers who grew up in all-male household with their father. Ryann’s mother lived elsewhere but was also involved in raising the boys, along with Ryann’s aunt.

– We grew up in a slum area and lived in a cottage house that my father built on the water. Life was good, even though we didn’t really have order in the house and my father wasn’t particular about cleanliness. I was crazy about water and spent all my days swimming, Ryann portrays.


Relentless studying for big dreams

As a child Ryann was very social and had lots of friends. He started first grade at school when he was seven years old. Ryann’s mother was very strict about education and motivated her son to aim high. He read a lot and wanted to become a doctor.

– It’s very competitive at schools in the Philippines. Students are divided by their enrolment score. The ones with high score attend First Section and later Science Class. They are given the best opportunities: top teachers, methods, and books. I was always in the First Section, and I did well in all subjects. I was always interested in science and biology, he reveals.

Ryann graduated from High School in the top five group. He decided to apply for a nursing college, Philippine Paramedical and Technical School of Davao, in 2005. After studying for 24 moths straight, he graduated as Valedictorian, best of his class. But it wasn’t without work: he didn’t want to make any mistakes, so that meant barely any sleep at all before a test. After graduating Ryann was offered a possibility to work in the USA, the state of New Mexico. He again studied for eight months and took a demanding nurse exam in the Philippine capital Manila.

– I left Davao and stayed at my cousins´ house in the province with no entertainment or other distractions and only studied. When I passed the test, I was so happy I cried. I was supposed to leave for America, but my employer was bankrupted. I was so disappointed, Ryann reminisces.


Towards the unknown

Ryann’s life took a turn when Åsa Stenbacka from Vocational College of Ostrobothnia in Vaasa came to Davao to look for nurses to start practical nursing studies in Finland. For Ryann it wasn’t an easy decision going a rank downwards. But at the time Ryann was working in a hospital as a nurse to get the work experience needed to work abroad. He was only paid a free lunch as his salary, and he worked also in a call-centre to make ends meet. Life felt hard in the Philippines, so he decided to come to Finland in 2009.

– The school offered free housing and lunch, so I decided to go with it. I didn’t know anything about Finland before that. We were expecting something bigger, but only saw pine trees when arriving. Our apartment was in the middle of nowhere in Vaasa. It was quite the shock, Ryann laughs.

The vocational college took two years and Ryann learned Swedish during that time. In 2011 he graduated as a practical nurse (lähihoitaja) and got a job at Mediverkko sheltered housing. The clients were mainly Finnish speaking, so he picked it up too.

– I like to be with people, so for me it was a dream job. They liked me too and even gave me free Finnish tutoring. Our ward’s main nurse saw that I have lots of skills and encouraged me to take on Finnish nurse (sairaanhoitaja) studies.

Ryann first hesitated but after seeing an ad of nursing qualification studies for local immigrants, he decided to move to Helsinki with his newly wedded wife in 2013. He got into the programme and the studies at DIAK took 1,5 years. After that he got a job as a nurse at the Suursuo hospital in Helsinki at a geriatric rehabilitation ward. Finally!


A rolling stone gathers no moss

– After working for a few years, I took a health technology seminar at Laurea and understood the importance of technical background in the future of nursing. That’s why I applied at SAMK in 2018 and started the master's degree studies in Welfare Technology in Pori.

In 2019 Ryann and his wife stayed in the Philippines for the whole year getting to know Ryann’s family and culture. While he was there, he continued with his studies and wrote his thesis. He graduated the next year and started working as a project researcher for SAMK in the RoboAI Health projects.

Last year Ryann started his own home care company in Helsinki. His biggest future goal is to get it up and running.

– It’s important for me that the Filipino culture of caring is in the core of the company. Also getting technology solutions for elderly people’s problems is a part of my vision.


Juttusarja on tällä hetkellä tauolla. Seuraavaksi esittelemme erikoistutkija Jenni Huhtasalon! Kaikki julkaistut jutut kerätään tälle sivulle juttuarkistoon.

Lähikuvassa Ryann Deloso, taustalla kirsikkapuu täydessä kukassa.

Kehu kollegaa

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Ryann on empaattinen ja ahkera teknologian hyödyistä kiinnostunut hoitotyön ammattilainen. Ryann ottaa vastaan haasteen kuin haasteen. Hän on luova ja osaa katsoa asioita monesta näkökulmasta. Työkaverina erittäin miellyttävä ja aina suu hymyssä.

Sari Merilampi


Ryann on monialainen osaaja ja hänelle asiakasnäkökulma on aina ensimmäinen ja asiakkaan arvostus tulee esiin hänen jokapäiväisessä työssään. Ryannin kanssa on aina mukavaa tehdä töitä, hän kyseenalaistaa ja pohtii asioita hyvällä otteella.

Jenni Huhtasalo


Ryann is a collegue that I could always rely on. He’s good at planning, has great ideas and really tries his best each time. He runs his own YouTube channel so he clearly isn’t camera-shy, which has been very handy also work-wise. We worked together in BaltSenior project and I hope to work with him in other projects in the future J

Anja Poberznik


Ryann on oikea monitaituri! Tutkimustyössä hän on järjestelmällinen, huolellinen, suunnitelmallinen, tarkka ja paljon kaikkea muuta, joten hänellä pysyy hallussa vaikeatkin projektit. Ryann on myös todella hyvä tilanteissa, joissa työskennellään ihmisten parissa, ja hänen työkokemuksensa terveydenhuollossa tuo tärkeää näkökulmaa hyvinvointiteknologian tutkimukseen. Työkaverina Ryann tuo paljon osaamista ja sopivasti huumoria niin tilanteeseen kuin tilanteeseen, ja hänen kanssaan onkin todella mukava työskennellä 🙂

Santeri Saari

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