We Research: What does our brain tell us?

11.10.2022Tarmo Lipping, Sari Merilampi and Anja PoberznikWe Research

Our brains contain around 100 billion nerve cells. Electroencephalography (EEG) measures the electrical activity of brain cells. EEG is commonly measured by electrodes attached to the skin of the head that sense electrical potentials caused by brain activity. EEG is a well-established tool in the study of sleep, epilepsy, anaesthesia, etc., but as measurement technology has become more versatile, it can also be used in many everyday applications.

Miehellä päässä EEG-pipo ja VR-lasit.

The New Technologies for the Assessment and Monitoring of Brain Health project is piloting brain waveform-based technology that can be integrated into clothing. At the same time, it will develop the know-how to apply brain electrical activity measurement to a wider range of applications, such as cognitive ability development, computer application design (e.g. games), neurofeedback therapy and rehabilitation applications.

The research will develop and pilot different applications (eeg instrument + software) in close collaboration with industry, following the principles of co-development. The research will be carried out in laboratory conditions by measuring the EEG signal with commercial and partly self-developed measurement technology during different tasks. These may include cognitive tasks, games or movements. Signal analysis will then be performed and the usefulness of the technology will be assessed. The use of EEG to control different applications will also be tested.Mies istuu aivokäyrää mittava laite päässään.

Measuring the electrical activity of the brain is only taking its first steps in everyday environments, while measuring the activity of the heart is already commonplace. Measuring brain electrical activity will enable the development of completely new applications that directly measure the state of the brain (e.g. load). The project activities are expected to generate new product development expertise, international networks and co-development partners in this field. Through the outputs and activities of the project, companies may find new business opportunities and universities new research openings.

Did you know this?

  • The cerebral cortex has a map of our bodies that can identify our movements before they happen.
  • The brain is activated in the same way whether we are making a movement or just imagining it.
  • Brain waveform measurement can now be integrated into a headband or headphones.
  • Brain waveforms can be used to control computer games or robots.



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