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The Growth Platform - Aiding and Supporting Companies in New Paths and Innovations Project

20.5.2024Nina KarttunenNews

The aim of the ongoing Growth Platform - New Paths and Innovations project in Satakunta is to renew and diversify the region's business and economic structure, looking towards the future. Various anticipation workshops, innovation competitions, and larger Growth Forum events are organized in collaboration among the project implementers.

Hankkeen ennakointiasiantuntija Tiina Mäkitalo johdatteli osallistujat iltapäivän Hands on -osuuteen kertomalla perustietoa ja avainsanoja ennakoinnista.
Hankkeen ennakointiasiantuntija Tiina Mäkitalo johdatteli osallistujat iltapäivän Hands on -osuuteen kertomalla perustietoa ja avainsanoja ennakoinnista.

The first anticipation workshop of the project took place at SAMK in early May. The topic was "Artificial Intelligence as a tool in building the future of your business." The event began with a speech by an anticipation expert, guiding participants to the Hands-on session by emphasizing the importance of anticipation. Participants learned to use ChatGPT for various anticipation-related tasks, with no prior expertise required. The event received positive feedback, indicating the topic's perceived significance. Lastly, participants received information about collaboration opportunities with SAMK. Inspired by the feedback, more information about anticipation and future tools for practical work is promised. Here are some comments from the feedback:

"Yes, it was great to receive step-by-step guidance on starting to use chat gpt."

"Anything that makes everyday work easier/more efficient is of interest."

"Looking forward to more of these, i.e., Vol. 2, it was a fantastic workshop!"

The changing society, such as the reduction of peat production and its impacts on businesses and business networks, remains relevant. Additionally, the technological revolution affecting society as a whole presents challenges. However, it also creates new opportunities for numerous sectors, from peat industry companies to logistics, agriculture, bio- and circular economy, metal, automation, and food industries, as well as tourism, experience economy, and wellness services. Change requires rapid and agile development of business operations to remain profitable and competitive, and to be able to respond to the changing needs and requirements of the operating environment and customers.

SAMK acts as a representative for RDI (Research, Development, and Innovation) activities in the project. Additionally, anticipation work, development and testing of innovations and ideas in collaboration with companies, and the development of new RDI operating models are part of the project's activities.

The project is implemented by Prizztech Oy, SAMK, and the Foundation for Invention. The project implementation period is from October 1, 2023, to June 30, 2026. Satakunta Regional Council has provided funding for the project from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Just Transition Fund (JTF).


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