Are you puzzled by technology acquisition or hindered by implementation?

18.3.2024Taina JyräkoskiNews

Previously, challenges have been identified in the social and health care sector regarding the discovery of new technology and the success of its implementation. Constantly, various new devices aimed at enhancing the well-being, health, and functional capacity of clients emerge on the market. However, the question arises: where can one obtain reliable information about what is worth acquiring? In certain units within the social and health care sector, new equipment may have been procured, yet it sits collecting dust on the shelf due to the lack of time for anyone to learn how to use it.

Kuvassa näkyy tietokone, jota ihmisen kädet näpyttelee. Sivussa myös pieniä terveysalankuvia.
Technology as an aid in the social and health care sector

Now, there is an opportunity to participate in project activities where companies or associations in the social and health care sector can receive assistance in the initial considerations of acquisitions, ensuring successful familiarization, and monitoring the implementation process. If technology companies or importers face challenges in understanding the adoption processes of social and health care organizations or wish to better understand their needs to tailor services/sales to them, they also have the opportunity to participate in the project and gain further information on these matters.

"To improve the adoption of technology in the social and health care sector, there is a need for extensive dialogue between developers of technological solutions, parties involved in procurement and implementation processes, decision-makers in investments, and end-users, as well as an increase in skills and understanding," says Mervi Vähätalo, a lecturer in welfare technology involved in technology testing at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

At Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, a project funded by the Regional Sustainable Growth and Vitality Support (AKKE) of Satakunta Region has begun. The project, "Intelligent adoption of technology for new service innovations in the social and health care sector - TÄPS," will run from November 1, 2023, to June 30, 2025. The project will involve experiments and workshops related to different phases of adoption, and its final output will be the publication of adoption support materials.

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