Studying at the RoboAI Academy

Students selected to study at the academy complete their studies by working on real-life technology projects. 

Dozens of projects are carried out at the RoboAI Academy every year. These projects provide students with hands-on learning in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, machine vision, sensor technology, 3D simulation/modelling/printing, neural networks, data analytics and programming.

Projects give students the chance to develop their skills in very different environments and with different objectives. Sometimes it's a collaborative robot application for an assembly line of small parts, designing and testing a machine vision application to very precisely measure the dimensions of an object, simulating and redesigning the operation of an entire factory floor, or designing and testing an AI application to help elderly people with their everyday tasks. The RoboAI Academy gives AI and electrical and automation engineering students the chance to combine their skills and expand their engineering knowledge. AI engineering students will be able to work on AI solutions also at the hardware level, while electrical and automation engineering students will also learn about the use of AI in robotics and automation applications. Each project is planned, scheduled, implemented and documented as if it were being done in real life. In addition, many projects will also involve various literature reviews, theoretical reviews and independent technology comparisons, which will be documented. RoboAI Academy students work in the RoboAI laboratory together with RoboAI experts.

The results of the RoboAI Academy projects are published by the students on various SAMK channels, mainly on the RoboAI website and YouTube channel. The aim is to publish the results of the projects on open websites as far as possible, so that companies facing similar challenges and development issues can find advice from the stories and can turn to the RoboAI Academy if they think that a student project could help them too.

Who is the RoboAI Academy for?

The RoboAI Academy is particularly suitable for students who learn by doing. The RoboAI Academy philosophy is that it is important for students to experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. The RoboAI Academy develops students' innovative spirit and gives them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in their chosen fields while they are still students. Engineering students of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences who have completed at least the first year of studies can apply for the RoboAI Academy. The application period is always organised in March-April and selections are made on the basis of the application and interviews in May.

What does the RoboAI Academy give to companies?  

For companies, the RoboAI Academy gives them the opportunity to implement customized projects with new technologies, using students as development partners and external observers. In cooperation with the RoboAI Academy, companies can also carry out "slow recruitment", i.e. get to know the students and their skills during their studies and select the graduating engineers best suited to the company's operating environment. By the end of 2023, all engineers graduating from RoboAI and the Robotics Academy have graduated by the target date and have gone directly to work in industrial automation.

The teacher instructs the student next to him.
Close-up of Mirka Leino.

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