Kopio kohteesta RoboAI Team

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RoboAI Research and Development Centre

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

Close-up of Pekka Suominen.

RoboAI Industry and RoboAI Green Research Manager
Pekka Suominen
tel. 044 710 3095

Close-up of Tiina Mäkitalo.

RoboAI Health Research Manager
Tiina Mäkitalo
tel. 044 710 3094

Close-up of Petra O'Rourke.

Planning Officer for Communications and Marketing
Petra O'Rourke
tel. 044 710 3918

Lähikuvassa Taru Hyrkäs.

Project Communications
Taru Hyrkäs
tel. 044 710 3370

Lähikuvassa Anu Holm.

Chief Researcher
Anu Holm
tel. 044 710 3148
Health technology, health data management, medical physics

Lähikuvassa Mirka Leino.

Chief Researcher
Mirka Leino
tel. 044 710 3182
Robotics, machine vision, technology transfer

Lähikuvassa Sari Merilampi.

Chief Researcher
Sari Merilampi
tel. 044 710 3171
Welfare technology, user-centred development, radio frequency identification technology