Joint use laboratory

RoboAI´s joint use laboratory is a whole formed by experts and modern equipment with focus on technology and application development work. The open research infrastructure of joint use laboratory supports innovative research and development activities. In the joint use laboratory experience meets enthusiasm, expertise need for technology and curiosity the possibilities of the future.


Machine vision

In the RoboAI joint use laboratory machine vision is researched and developed extensively from traditional machine vision systems and smart camera systems to various special imaging techniques. The joint use laboratory has cameras for imaging executed with visible light wavelength but also for near infrared imaging, spectral imaging and far infrared imaging, i.e. thermal imaging. 3D imaging can also be conducted with various techniques.



Simulation of production and bringing systems to the virtual reality is commonplace in the RoboAI joint use laboratory. Creating digital twins of real production systems or planning new production using equipment in the virtual world is possible in the laboratory´s simulation environment.


3D printing

3D printers purr in the RoboAI joint use laboratory day and night. 3D printers make parts needed in different applications and systems but also scale models, pilots of 3D-imaged pieces or e.g. joysticks are produced with them.



RoboAI joint use laboratory is like a playground for engineers. Different robots invite to experiment and study programming. Traditional industrial robots, collaborative robots, mobile robots and humanoid robots enable studying new robotics as well as designing and implementing new applications. Different robots invite you to innovate even more uses and applications.

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