Development of AR applications at the premiere at the Dubai World Expo

13.12.2021Text: Heidi Jekkonen and Salla Sojakka, video: Mika Haavisto and Iida Vilén / Mediaplane OyNews

Henna Tammisto from XRKauppa project will present on behalf of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences the app development work on AR technology at the Dubai World Expo at the Education Finlands Finnish Education Theme Days on 14-16 December 2021. 

The XRKauppa project concretizes the themes which our university raises from its education at the Dubai Theme Days: learning by doing and multidisciplinary teamwork in a unique learning environment, the RoboAI laboratory.


AR technology as an enabler in the field of trade and services 

When we talk about AR technology, we mean various augmented reality applications, for example for a mobile device or separate AR glasses. Augmented reality, on the other hand, refers to a technology in which virtual songs and / or applications are projected onto our everyday reality through a device. A familiar example from the mobile technology side is the highly popular mobile game Pokémon Go, launched in 2016, where the playing field is a local map of the player's area and when the Pokémon are grabbed, the creatures overlap with the real-world video captured on the device's own camera. 

With the pandemic, companies have looked at their service concepts and practices from a new perspective, where AR technology could play a role as an enabler. The starting point of the project has been to activate companies to see the possibilities of new, digital business models and to lower the threshold for the introduction of new technologies.


Multidisciplinary team as a strength factor 

A multidisciplinary team of students from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences have worked on the project, combining business expertise, electrical automation technology and data processing. The project started from the idea of two students in the entrepreneurship degree program, Henna Tammisto and Kalle Toivonen. They have brought an entrepreneurial attitude, business expertise and a commercial perspective to the team. Jussi-Pekka Aaltonen, Tomi Aallonranta, Heidi Jekkonen, Kari Marttila and Toni Seessalo have been responsible for the technical implementation of the project and the in-depth pre-mapping phase. The end result shows the perspective and strengths of the entire team. Through the needs assessment of the partner companies, the project's application development team has created prototypes, through which it is possible to outline the almost limitless possibilities of the applications and to continue product development based on the individual needs of the customer companies.  



Henna Tammisto
Project Manager
tel. +358 44 710 3087   



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