Continuing education

The RoboAI entity includes a comprehensive and versatile supply of  continuous education offered by SAMK in the field of technology for those changing careers and the ones retraining and upgrading their degrees as well as course-based open university of applied sciences studies.

Peek to university of applied sciences technology studies

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences provide upper secondary education students introductory online studies on technology. Studies are given during academic year 2019 – 2020 at Open University of applied sciences and they are free of charge. Studies can be included in future university of applied sciences studies.

  • Basics of Robotics, 3 credits
  • Basics of Programming, 3 credits
  • Basics of Welfare Technology, 3 credits

Courses are implemented by using versatile teaching methods:

  • Online study materials
  • Online assignments
  • Video lectures
  • Laboratory day in robotics and welfare technology at SAMK laboratory of technology programming robots and getting to know applications
  • Online exam or final assignment

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